Dr Arjan Kuipers (DC)

The clinical management of neurodevelopmental disorders

Dr. Arjan Kuipers (DC)

Introducing a practical clinical model that makes it possible to start working with children with a learning and/or behavioral disorder.

In this three hour long presentation Arjan Kuipers will show where chiropractic fits into the clinical management of neurodevelopmental disorders. Providing you with the essential background knowledge about the common origin of most neurodevelopmental disorders and how this knowledge ties into your daily practice, with a focus on the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

In the second part he will introduce a simple clinical neurological assessment protocol which will provide you with the minimal knowledge required to start managing learning and behavioral problems in daily practice.

The concluding part deals with treatment decisions and specifics on how to integrate the exam findings with your current treatment regime. In addition to the teaching material all participants will get access to recordings of the examination and treatment protocols to further aid the learning process.

The objective of the presentation is to not only give the reference frame and practical insights so you as chiropractor can confidently start seeing children with learning and behavioral problems, you will also have learned which children will benefit from your treatment and also when not to start treatment. In addition you will have been trained on how to make your current examination and treatment more specific for this patient group.