Jörg Depenthal, MSc in Chiropractic (non-medical practitioner)

Holistic ways to stabilize upper cervical subluxation

Chiropraktik Kongress DAGC Jörg Depenthal

Jörg Depenthal, MSc in Chiropractic (non-medical practitioner)

Subluxations and traumatizations of the upper cervical spine can cause progressive brain barrier damage and inhibition of neurogenesis. Biochemically, increases in chronic inflammation with histadelie, NO gas and super peroxide can be seen, as well as the formation of damaging free-radicals, leading to mitochondropathies and ultimately to (painful) multisystemic diseases.

The influence of sole adjustments often remains limited and may even increase the instability of the cervical spine. This lecture is intended to shed light on holistic possibilities and serve as a guide to complete our philosophy, science and art.