Marco Djahanbaz, MSc

What can we learn from history? An exciting journey through wonders, discussions and arguments within chiropractic.

Referent des Chiropraktik Kongresses: Cyrus Marco Djahanbaz

Marco Djahanbaz, MSc

Only when we know where we have come from, where our philosophical and social roots are, are we be able to plan our future. Especially in our field, we can learn a lot from our history and therefore begin to understand the basis on which chiropractic is built. Our history also enables us to identify the errors or mistakes, and the blind alleys taken by our chiropractic ancestors. Chiropractic is a story full of successes, with and without miracles, but it is also full of oddities and wrong turns. Understanding the history of chiropractic means searching our ancestors in order to understand our children.

Is history inherited?

Marco Djahanbaz is convinced of this. History is intergenerational. We learn about history through older people and the media. Through an awareness of the past grows a certain duty to make conscious decisions about the present and the future. Modern chiropractic in Germany is no longer in its infancy and is positioning itself in the international arena with a self-confident identity. In his presentation, Marco Djahanbaz takes the listener on an exciting journey through the history of chiropractic, ending with a new vision of the development of chiropractic in Germany.